Troy’s story

TROY’S STORY – The man I have become (shared with permission)

Troy came to Portico Housing Solutions (PHS) after being released from prison. At 19, he was convicted of 1st degree murder. He spent 33 years incarcerated. He emerged a different man. A man of God with a mission. It has not been easy. While in the PHS program, he attended The 1001 Gathering and had a Rick as his coach. Read Rick’s testimony HERE. Troy moved to Miami, connected with a transformative re-entry program, enrolled in school for psychology, and began visiting the prison every week to help men like him. Here’s Rick’s ending:

Long story short, I am proud to call Troy my friend and amazed at the positivity that he maintains in spite of the many roadblocks that have been put in front of him since his release from prison. He is truly a Portico House Solutions success story. I may have been his mentor, but he has taught me many lessons.

Troy called me a couple weeks ago to share with me that he had been released from parole a number of years early. He’s an inspiration. Your participation in the work of The Portico is creating stories just like this. The details and circumstances are different, but God is at work. Through the Cafe’s employment and training program, The Portico Breakfast, 1001 Gathering, Joe Groups, and our Justice and Art Initiatives, the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ is being made real.

Come and See.


  1. Portico’s Breakfast is having record numbers of guests. The last three weeks have had 131, 127, and 120 people. We have 8 volunteers signed up for Sunday. There are 17 volunteers needed for this Sunday.
  2. Pastor’s Coffee This Sunday. After the 1001 Gathering, join us in the Portico Cafe RSVP. You’ll learn about the mission and work of The Portico. Whether you are new or a long-timer, come! We will get to know each other and discover ways to live our mission.
  3. Hillsborough Organization for Progress & Equality (HOPE)’s Convention is at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct 23 at Hyde Park United Methodist. If you are interested in Justice work, join me and the other Network members.

You are Loved.