Downtown Tampa’s Easy Meeting Space and Neighborhood Cafe
1001 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33602

Event Space

Imagine a meeting and event place for 4 to 400 people where all you pay is your catering. We are downtown Tampa’s easy meeting space.

The Portico Cafe

We are a neighborhood cafe, and serve many roles in our community.
Our Wi-Fi is crazy fast and we have plugs everywhere. We have tables for 2-4 people, a meeting table for 8, comfy chairs and a sofa.

Homeless Initiatives

Our mission at The Portico is to place homeless men in stable housing and start them on a ladder to permanent employment.

A Cafe

“with a mission,” where every purchase supports our homeless initiatives

Homeless Initiatives

that raise awareness and put tangible efforts into motion


that gives voice to important societal issues

Silent Meditation

practices that create stillness in a busy world


Americana Porch Party

Join us at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, June 24 for our monthly Porch Party. This is a relaxed gathering of community friends, guests and neighbors! As we approach Independence Day, we'll celebrate our nation and all things "Americana". Have fun with this Americana theme by...

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Free Art Therapy Class

This class is open to homeless adults who are interested in art-making classes. Students from the University of Tampa provide guidance and educational tips on creative art making. There is no experience required for this class. All materials are included and...

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The Portico gives voice to important societal issues such as homelessness. Come and see the signature Homeless Jesus sculpture, For The Love of THIS City mural and art installations in the cafe.


Sunday Worship Service Come as you are to experience a casual, intimate and welcoming worship service including elements such as music, Scripture, a message, silence, discussion and Communion. Weekly Meditation & Silence Experience connection with God and community through the practice of silence. The gathering occurs in a serene setting, surrounded with beautiful stained glass and candles.

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