Finding hope, healing, and community through art and creativity

About Portico Arts

From its inception, The Portico has been a hub for the local artistic community. Our dedicated arts team leaders and volunteers have curated a space that fosters important Conversation, Connection, and Community Change.

Many of the visual and performing arts you experience on campus are produced and curated by a team of dedicated local artists and volunteers. Our artistic efforts include:

  • Gallery exhibits in the cafe & community hall that give voice to important societal issues
  • Art talks, installations, and documentary film screenings & discussions
  • Creative music and other artistic performances at the 1001 Gathering and Open Mic Nights
  • Opportunities to create art at the 1001 Gathering
  • Explorations of the healing power of art
John Day SOH Art Square

Current Exhibits | Experiences | Events

Artists in Recovery: In the Cafe & Community Hall

Artistic Expressions: Art Therapy Class – The Portico (Fridays at 12 noon)

This class is open to adults, and especially catered to the homeless, who are interested in art-making classes. Students from the University of Tampa provide guidance and educational tips on creative art making. There is no experience required for this class.

Hope, Healing, and Humanity: A Night of Art and Community

Join us for an open mic night and art exhibition on Friday, September 22nd at 6 pm, where we will celebrate the healing power of art and give our community the chance to display their talents.


One of our Open Arms friends, Larry Magee, is an artist who was commissioned to create two pieces for the new Ferman Center for the Arts. Larry created two panels of abstract art that have been installed in the Center’s space. Larry’s art project is a collaboration with the Tampa Museum of Art, Las Damas, and Hyde Park United Methodist and Dr. Joseph Scarce, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – BA in Art Therapy Program, University of Tampa, worked with Larry on the project.

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Permanent Installations & Artists

Timothy P. Schmalz - Homeless Jesus

Illsol - "For the Love of THIS City"

Courtney Pasterchick - Love This City

Josefina Sanders - Homeless Memorial

Nate Hvizdos - Rise By Lifting Others

Calling All Local Artists

The Portico accepts and reviews portfolio submissions on a rolling basis for consideration for solo exhibits at The Portico Café and Community Hall at 1001 N. Florida Street, Tampa.

Proposals maybe theoretical with a proven quality of work or work in process by the artist. Although all subject matter will be reviewed and considered, the core concepts behind the Portico and its gathering spaces are conversation, connection, and community change. Art that initiates conversation, creates connections with its audiences, or is based on community issues may be prioritized. Exhibitions may rotate monthly, dependent on scheduling, with a gallery reception hosted on Fourth Fridays, and the installation will remain displayed during the variety of public and private events hosted at The Portico. Art must be acceptable to all audiences because of the number of varied events hosted at The Portico, and ready-to-hang 2D only at this time.

Previously Featured Artists

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