Our church community is for people seeking spiritual connection in a non-traditional church setting, for those not interested in or dissatisfied with traditional church expressions, and for those who want to make a difference in the community and put God’s love real in action. Read our community statement.

Sunday Gathering: 10:30 a.m.

Gather on the 4th Sunday and during the week in small groups to build relationships, have conversations about life and scripture, practice silence, and serve together. Our mission is to make God’s love real and to serve in ways that address equality, housing insecurity, and economic challenge.

Sunday Gathering

Our church community is diverse. It includes people from different backgrounds and faith traditions. There are folks in recovery, those who might need recovery, other struggling with faith, new and long-time followers of Jesus, agnostics, skeptics, and people exploring the idea of a higher power. Many are seeking spiritual connection in a non-traditional setting, or have been dissatisfied with, or burned in the past by a church.

We agree not to make assumptions about others and challenge ourselves to be open and sensitive. We don't assume fluency in the Bible and do our best to explain churchy jargon and language.

We gather to build relationships in this Sunday gathering through conversation, contemplative practice, and authenticity. We gather in groups throughout the week and intentionally serve the city and world in ways that address equality, housing insecurity, and economic challenge.

We do all of this because we have come to find that the message of Jesus is not for Christianity, but for humanity. And as such, we strive together to Make God’s Love Real to others through Conversation, Connection, and Community Change.

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The Rev. Justin LaRosa

Justin LaRosa is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, a licensed clinical social worker, an author, and leader of change. He was sent with a small group to launch a cutting edge new ministry in the oldest church in downtown Tampa, which became The Portico. The includes a neighborhood cafe, a historic chapel, spaces to meet and work, an event space for the public that enhances the social, artistic, and spiritual fabric of Tampa. Justin is the minister of The Portico Spiritual Community, a non-traditional church that intentionally serves the city and world in ways that address equality, housing insecurity, and economic challenge.

Justin Sunday Gathering

The Rev. Justin LaRosa

Minister, The Portico campus

Community Meal

Sunday lunch where we share a community meal with friends and neighbors.

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