The Portico Cafe Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

It’s The Portico Cafe’s 2nd anniversary! Celebrate with us Tuesday, May 7 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Enjoy a complimentary latte or blended fruit smoothie with your breakfast or lunch order.
We thank you for your continued support in helping us reduce homelessness in Tampa.
The Portico Cafe is radically changing lives!
Imagine a pregnant mom, drug addicted, and homeless– trying to get clean.  Her life is in shambles with little hope for employment due to the scourge of homelessness, addiction, and a criminal record.
Now imagine that something that you do almost every week could help her; bringing new life by pivoting from brokenness to restoration. Here’s how: Buy a cup of coffee, eat lunch, or book a meeting or an event. It’s that simple.
Ladders and Beds
That’s what The Portico Cafe is all about. This small business is a social enterprise:  a cafe and event space with a mission-getting people onto employment ladders to better opportunities and into safe beds.
How? We empower the formerly addicted and homeless to live with purpose, through employment, training, and a positive environment. They earn an honest wage, and are able to secure temporary housing.
Your patronage is a community investment.
By investing in The Portico Cafe, you can help others make the transition from brokenness to restoration.  That’s why:
Every purchase helps reduce homelessness in Tampa!
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