Friday Contemplation
I am super pumped for all of the things going on at The Portico. Sunday is The Gathering at 10:30 and The Community Meal. We are building Mindi’s house. The historical marker for Robert Johnson has been approved by the City and will be placed on the Riverwalk. On Tuesday, City Council will hear about our journey to Montgomery and the marker presentation (The Justice Team helped make it happen). We continue to push forward with planning the weekly Gathering. The Cafe is clicking. The Portico Housing Solutions’ houses are full, are participants in our spiritual community, and continue to bridge people to transformation.
And Easter is coming.

Two requests:

  1. Invite people to the Easter Sunrise Service at Water Works Park (or to Hyde Park services). If you’re on Facebook, “share” the event on your wall and click “invite” to send it to friends. Easter is a perfect time to personally invite folks who don’t have a community to an amazing service, in a beautiful setting, with an amazing community. I look forward to sharing the message from Luke.
  2. Join me for a life-changing journey through the 12 Steps. On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection. The following Sunday, we practice resurrection.
  • Rise: 12 Steps with Jesus begins Sunday, April 24 at The Hyde Park location. Messages will focus on the steps and how they connect with following Jesus.
  • Starting Tuesday, May 10 at 6 p.m., I’ll lead a small group experience where we walk through the 12 steps around our hurts, habits, hang ups and/or addictions. SIGN UP.

The 12 steps are for you, because everyone experiences powerlessness. Everyone I know has hurts, habits, hang ups or addictions that block them from deeper love. I believe the 12 steps are the most effective pattern to follow Jesus and grow your love for God, neighbor, and your enemies.

How could I make such a bold claim? They teach you to surrender, confess, make things right, and guide others into relationship with God so that they can have faith. Come and See.

SUNDAY GATHERING & COMMUNITY MEAL April 10: Engage as we get our “knees under tables” at the gathering and meal. Gathering at 10:30 a.m. Meal at 12 noon.
SERVE ON EASTER April 17: Create an excellent experience “from the street to the seat” on Easter at the 6:30 sunrise, 9:30 or 11 a.m. services. Sign up here. You never know how your welcoming smile can make a difference.
BIG BUILD SERVE DAY: Our “BIG” Habitat for Humanity build day for our Cafe Manager, Mindi, and her daughter is on April 30. Sign up here

You are Loved.