Meet us at The Portico: Your downtown space for conversation, connection and community change. 

Host Your Event at The Portico

We have venues for all types of meetings and events, with spaces to handle 4 to 400 people.

Our small, downtown campus is full of big energy: weddings in The Henderson Chapel, conferences and exhibitions in The Community Hall, and a strategic gathering in The Cafe or in The Board Room.

Large event clients and guests experience a spacious ballroom with large projection screen, sound system, LCD Projector, wooden elevated stage and high ceilings while smaller meetings are conducted in a more intimate setting. Our multiple unique spaces make this all possible.

The Portico hosts a variety of events.

The Portico is ideal for nonprofit conferences, luncheons and fundraisers. Business meetings and social events are also welcome. We’re a campus built on love—we LOVE weddings!


Tuesday Meditation/Centering

By Justin LaRosa | January 4, 2023

12:30 p.m. every Tuesday. A group meets in The Portico’s Henderson Chapel. 20 minutes of group meditation / centering in a majestic space. Discover the many benefits of a centering…

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Every time you book event space, you are helping a homeless person gain shelter, earn an honest wage and move from a fractured life to one that is full and meaningful.