The Pursuit of Happiness

The Declaration of Independence: it could be called the ultimate break-up letter.
We had to tell England, “You don’t own me“, we are born with natural rights endowed by our Creator.
And while mad King George may have quipped “You’ll Be Back,” we were surely ready to rock this American Revolution.
These were ideas that originated with John Locke. These were those magic words we love to hear this time of year: Life. Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.
We love a good story–dripping of America and apple pie.

The Journey of Independence
Nearly 250 years later and fully liberated from the grips of The Crown, what does independence feel like as an American?
Are you building a life of your own?
Do you have the liberty to work, relax or maybe start a business?
Do you pursue happiness, in spite of adversity, everyday?
I honestly wasn’t feeling too patriotic this year.
Then Hyde Park UMC Director of Missions, Vicki Walker, shared this story of a homeless immigrant, Daniel Llorente. He’s grinding away in this country, for a sliver of this American Dream.
“Oceans rise, empires fall” and our country remains on this journey to true freedom. I’m one to believe that all Americans, aspiring or otherwise, may enjoy a piece of the pie.
When others are struggling, sometimes it’s our patriotic duty to help serve up a slice.
Scroll below to see how you may help us dish out a little freedom and apple pie at The Portico this summer.

Happy Fourth!

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