The City is Blooming

It may sound a bit weird, but Daylight Savings Time is my favorite time of the year.
A Florida winter is not the worst situation. When I lived in D.C., this Florida girl struggled through the cold, dark months in so many ways–I lived for DST.
I will happily sacrifice an hour of sleep in order to bathe in the early evening sunlight.
A dawning sun may inspire one to take on the day, but many need a little sunshine to invigorate us in the evenings.
The sunlight gives us the evening energy we need to:

  • Grab dinner
  • Take an evening walk
  • Feed and bathe the kids
Francesca Ani at Open Mic Night

Besides all of thatit’s finally springtime in Tampa Bay.
Tulips and lilies are blooming in our front yards. Easter will be here soon and the weather has been absolutely beautiful.
The Cafe is finally able to welcome back some of our baristas.
We’ve got a great line-up for our Art + Open Mic event this Friday starting at 6 p.m.
Plus, our Cafe Manager, Mindi Vaughn is just months away from living in her very own home. Read below about how you can help elevate her moment in the sunshine on April 30.
Things are bloomin’ ya’ll!
We’re all blossoming in our own ways under this springtime sunshine and that feels GREAT.


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P.S. Bloom with me this Fourth Friday, March 25 when Art + Open Mic returns to The Portico Cafe.