The Best Cast Ever!


When I was 5 years old, my grandfather took me fresh water fishing 5 times. We used worms and a bobber. During each of those outings, I didn’t get a bite. On the 6th weekend trip out, my grandfather took us to a new place, a lake on private property. It was a long drive. After about 1 hour there, dark and ominous clouds started to roll in, which is not uncommon in Pittsburgh. We again had no bites. Grandpa Russ said, “We are going to have to leave soon.” I protested. “A little bit longer, please.” For about 15 minutes, I furiously casted and reeled. Nothing. I felt destined to leave empty handed yet again.

Then, large rain drops began to slowly drop from the dreary sky. I vividly remember the ripples that resulted from the drops hitting the water. I knew what was coming. “Justin, we have to call it a day. Let’s go.” I said, “One more cast, please! One more cast!”

Grandpa relented. 


The raindrops were falling at an ever increasing rate. I threw my line with all my 5 year old might. This is a fishing story, so let’s say it went VERY far. As soon as the bobber touched the water, it was dragged under. I remember the sound of the line screeching. It felt like a HUGE fish. I reeled and reeled, struggling to bring it to shore. It was an epic battle with a monstrous blue gill. I have the picture of me with the fish somewhere, but here’s one from 10 years ago with my son Russell. It was his first fish.

FISHING TOGETHER: 1001 Gathering is Sunday at 10:01 a.m.

We have been patiently waiting to launch weekly. It is here. Join us Sunday, when we will discuss a fishing story in Matthew 4:18-22. We will talk about what it means to fish for people. We are trying to reach people seeking spiritual connection in a non-traditional setting, or who have struggled with church or never connected with a worship community in the past. We are about reaching new people in new ways.

How will you be throwing out your line? 

You are loved.