Spring Forward

Friday Contemplation: Spring Forward! Sunday the clocks move up at 2 a.m. to 3. Join The Gathering on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and the Community Meal at noon.

Usually I am sluggish about the day we all lose 1 hour. But not this Sunday. I am hopeful and enthusiastic about the beautiful things that are present and being created. People and initiatives are taking root. Lives are being changed. We are living our mission to Make God’s Love Real through Conversation, Connection and Community Change.

Sunday Gathering: Conversation will center on Luke’s famous story about a dad and his two sons. We will center/meditate. You’ll hear about the transformational justice and missional work (HOPE, Portico Housing and my last week’s trip to Montgomery). And lastly, we’ll be briefly discussing plans for the possibility of weekly gatherings in the future.

Plan to SPRING FORWARD. You’ll experience growth in your relationship with God and forwarding love. Here’s how:

  • Build Mindi’s House. Mindi, our cafe manager, will be moving into a new house that Habitat is building. The foundation has been poured. Blocks are being installed this week. There will be 2 opportunities in April for you to serve. Details next Fri. To get on the list, email.
  • Join one of our life-changing Joe groups. There are spots available in existing groups (men’s/women’s). And if they don’t work for your schedule, we will start new ones when there are 5 committed people. Email Mark.
  • Commit to serve. One component that will need to be in place for weekly gatherings is regular volunteers to serve (monthly) in Hospitality, Sound/Tech, Children’s, and Music. Click if you’re interested.

I hope you jump out of bed Sunday. You are Loved.


p.s. We are looking for people to assist us with getting the word out about The Portico Cafe’s Board Room that is perfect for meetings! It is a vital revenue source for our social enterprise. Contact Mindi for details