REMINDERS: If you’ve been near me for any length of time, you know that my mind moves at 1000 miles a minute. Because of that truth, I make lists, I ground myself in God through 20 minutes of Centering Prayer per day, and need lots of reminders (especially around tasks for which I’m less interested).

Yesterday on social media I asked, “What do you need to be reminded about?” I received a fair number of responses. Some were humorous, others deep. Here’s a sample:

  • Why I walked into a room.
  • Attach the dang file!
  • To feel. Not just grind and plow through the hard stuff.
  • To ask for God’s help.

During this holiday season, what do you need to be reminded about?

Here are a few reminders for you to consider during the next month and a half:

  1. Be Gentle with yourself & others. Lots of expectations mount during the holiday season which can be stressful.
  2. Be Present and Slow down. Say yes to what’s life giving. Say no to what’s not.
  3. You are Loved. We have the signs all over The Portico. We often need reminding.
  4. Engage in regular spiritual practice. Pick something doable. It connects and reminds us to be grateful.

REMINDER: 2024 ESTIMATE OF GIVING this Sunday: The generosity campaign concludes this Sunday. I turned our family’s in. I hope you will too, especially if The Portico’s work inspires you. Become a Portico Partner by submitting a 2024 Estimate of Giving. All size investments are welcomed. No matter where you are in your giving, we are grateful.


  1. Thanks for you service! Portico’s Thanksgiving lunch is full! There are still lots of spots for 11/19 and 11/26.
  2. Christmas Eve Sunday breakfast has 24 spots left
  3. Christmas Day lunch has 25.

Reminder: You are Loved.


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