Keeping it Together

Before the pandemic, The Portico Cafe was a small and mighty team of baristas and catering managers.
For many this was their second “shot” at rebuilding a life for themselves and their families.
We were on our way to being a sustainable social enterprise.
And then the pandemic shook things up.
Coming out of the shutdowns, we had to pivot in a major way. The number of baristas had been drastically reduced; and yet there was still more work to be done.

All In Together Now
We are grateful to those who have answered the call to volunteer in the cafe. These baristas enable us to lift up, strengthen and restore our mission to make way for the next new hire.
Volunteer hours are the bond that keeps us working in our mission to bridge people from homelessness and addiction to job training and employment.
They also allow our team to better serve you.
So the next time you’re in The Cafe, please be sure to thank a volunteer for their outstanding community service.
Their service helps fuel change.
Grace and peace,

Chalette M. Davis
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The Portico
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