It’s cold outside. Help others to stay warm.

Friday Contemplation: Once upon a time, I could tolerate the cold. I mean, I went to Penn State and trekked all the way across campus for a 7 a.m. English class in the dead of winter. But no more. 27 years in Florida will do that to a person. Saturday is supposed to be the coldest day in Tampa in a decade. I’ve heard folks discussing the impact on Gasparilla. We should be more concerned about something else: its impact on people who are unsheltered.

Cold Night Shelter. The Portico serves as a cold night shelter for people experiencing homelessness. When Hillsborough County activates the shelters, we open up for 45 people. It appears that we will be a cold night shelter on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. It makes a difference. But it takes servant volunteers to make it happen. To sign up click here.

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