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I have never been so excited over something so mundane: new carpet.
We’ve had a number of facility improvement projects on campus since our launch in 2017. This includes everything from new street signs to new concrete in the breezeway.
Nothing piqued my interest the way this new carpet did. I could not contain my excitement about this simple decorative update.
This new look was invigorating.

Out with the Old, In with the New
Why did I feel this way? It had to be more than replacing a coffee-stained rug.
After some quick research on the link between interior design and psychology, I easily acknowledged the connection. Our physical and mental spaces can benefit from a periodic refresh.
Looking for a change of scenery in your downtown routine?

May we offer you a breakfast or lunchtime refresher?
Please join us our revitalized cafe space.
We hope to re-inspire your work, hobbies and creativity.


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