The Portico will host a unique event that will blend U2 music and the sacrament of Communion at U2Charist 7 p.m. Friday March 24 in the Community Hall. During the event, the Lakeland-based band Fount will perform U2 music and the clergy of Hyde Park United Methodist will offer the sacrament of Communion.

“When you read the lyrics, a lot of U2’s songs have a spiritual undertone,” explained Jeremy Hearn, member of Fount. “Some U2 songs were inspired by ‘the troubles’ of Northern Ireland. I have personally been there and have experienced firsthand the religious and political tension that is still alive in Belfast, North Ireland. I believe these songs are timeless and will speak to the current tensions and ‘troubles’ we are facing here in our own country.”

Lakeland-based band, Fount.

U2Charist is part of the Tampa Downtown Partnership’s “Fourth Friday” for the month of March. Admission to the event is free. An offering will be taken to benefit Love, Inc., a nonprofit that benefits the vulnerable in our city.