Build relationships through groups and serving. Our groups engage people in important conversation, spiritual practices, and service that makes a difference. We serve in ways that address equality, housing insecurity, and economic challenge.

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Word + Table

An intentional and casual group that centers on theological, political and relational conversation.

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Recovery Group

A gathering of people in recovery from different things who want to grow closer to each other and their higher power.

Contact Justin.


Morning & Evening Joe Groups

A network of men’s and women's groups that gather weekly


Paddle with Purpose

Group of kayakers, paddleboarders who gather on the water to connect and clean the river.


The Justice Learning Group

Explore, connect and discuss justice issues that matter.

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Justice Team

A team of people engaging in justice advocacy and awareness through engagement in HOPE (Hillsborough Organization of Progress and Equality), Justice-based events and collaboration, and learning group.

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Arts Team

Serve with others to curate the art that hangs in The Cafe and Community Hall and create art events.

Contact Natalie.


Meditation Gathering

Refresh your soul and connect with The Divine during this mediation practice. Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m. Onsite and Facebook

Seeking Stillness

Monthly meeting to discuss meditation, and contemplation.

Burnt Offerings

Group that meets quarterly for deep conversations and good cigars.


Shakespeare Group

Embrace your inner actor through a casual ZOOM group reading of Shakespeare’s play’s, followed by conversation and reflectioon.

Email Mary.


Community Groups and Bible Studies

Groups that focus on the Bible or a topic.