Our Story

A Gathering Space for:
Conversation. Connection. Community Change.

Committed to enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa through:

The Portico Cafe

where every cup of coffee purchased supports our homeless initiatives

Homeless Initiatives

that raise awareness and put tangible efforts into motion


that gives voice to important societal issues

Silent Meditation

practices that create stillness in a busy world

We offer an event venue and gathering spaces.

Not-for-profit groups, festivals, art exhibits, concerts, social interest groups and community service projects.

Conversations about faith and service are encouraged.


Weekly online meditation at 12:15 p.m. Tuesdays.

We exist to transform the city and the world.

Share your views, dreams, and interests as we journey together toward creating a more compassionate, loving city.

The Portico is the fulfillment of a dream by the people at Hyde Park United Methodist to create an environment that ignites our community to contemplation and transformative action.