Fostering creativity and expression and giving voice to important societal issues

The Portico highlights art that gives voice to important societal issues that foster creativity and expression. We have emerging partnerships with:

  • The Tampa Museum of Art
  • mad Theatre
  • The Downtown Partnership’s 4th Friday events.

There are installations and activities that spark conversation, connection and community change, including the “Homeless Jesus” sculpture, the Homeless Memorial, the mural “For the Love of THIS City,” and art throughout The Portico Cafe and Community Hall.

“Homeless Jesus” Sculpture

The “Homeless Jesus” sculpture is a visual representation of the need to remember the “least of these” in our society. The sculpture reflects our commitment to enhancing the social, artistic and spiritual fabric of Tampa. It was created by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz and is located at the end of the breezeway facing Tyler street.

“May this provocative piece of art draw people into seeing that Jesus shows up in unexpected places – in the margins of society and in our own lives.” – Justin LaRosa

Art Mural “For the Love of THIS City”

A three-story-tall art mural displays in vivid imagery and color the natural beauty, rich history and diverse communities of Tampa. The mural is a collaborative creation by Illsol– artists Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol.

Matching the architectural style of The Portico, the mural is a tryptic in pointed arches. The central image of rooster and alligators is a reference to nature and history of the area, as well as the unlikely partnership of predator and prey uniting for loving purpose, according to Illsol. Other imagery symbolizes the river and bay, wildlife, industry, neighborhoods and people of Tampa. Learn more about the mural in our press release, this Tampa Bay Times article, and the artists’ description of the artwork.

The Portico Chorus (Special Needs)

The Portico Chorus is a a multi-generational, multi-denominational, and non-audition social/performance group composed of members with and without disabilities. The chorus meets 1 p.m., first Sunday of the month, except holidays. No previous music experience or ability to read music required. Both chorus members and operational helpers are welcomed! Contact Diane at 813.505.9299.